Templates for Elementor starting $ 3 euros

Buy professional website templates for Elementor at an incredible price.

The definitive solution for you to create your website.

Bimber uses Elementor® the most complete page builder on the market that already comes with all the designer tools available. With it you can create amazing and responsive sites like you never imagined possible using the world’s best manager, WordPress®.


With its flexible drag-and-drop editor, you can achieve endless design possibilities


Match the right colors to create lasting impressions on your visitors


Choose from thousands of font options or upload your own custom fonts

Filters and blends

A personalized touch your images.

Play with image settings and add amazing effects

background effects and splitters

Incredible background effects with shape dividers.

Choose from 18 dividers in different shapes and create eye-catching backgrounds


Make your site more interactive with animations.

Add scrolling and scrolling animations to different areas of your page to increase your site’s interactivity


Customize each page on multiple devices using intuitive and visual controls. Creating responsive websites for phones and tablets, looking good on any device, has never been easier.

Custom Fonts

Set device-specific font, margin, and fill sizes for seamless display on any device.

Mobile Visibility

You can hide any area of ​​your site or make appear on certain devices.

Reverse column

On the cell phone, use the reverse column to straighten out all the mixed columns.

Copy and paste

Copy any section, column or widget and paste it anywhere on the page. You can also copy and paste on different pages.

Copy Style

What if you wanted to copy the style of an element? It’s easy, right-click and you’re done.

Global colors

Set the global colors for the site, and then all new elements entered on the page will get the right color.

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