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How to install the Influence Marketing Template Kit

Requirements for installing this template kit

For this kit to work properly, as shown in our demo, you will need the following items:

  • Hello Elementor Theme
  • Elementor Plugin
  • Elementor Pro Plugin


Before we start installing this template kit, we need a theme to serve as a basis for the structure of this layout. We will use the Hello Elementor theme which will be responsible for providing the necessary basis for our item.

We used the Hello Elementor theme as the basis for building this template kit

This template kit was built using the Hello Elementor theme, a theme created by the Elementor team itself. It was designed precisely so that you have complete control over the pages created with Elementor. Although this template kit is able to work with the most different types of themes with Elementor support, you are free to choose another theme of your choice. Want to know why you should install a WordPress theme to use our template kits? So should you read this article.


This template kit works with other wordpress themes with Elementor support . If you intend to use a different theme than the one being proposed, the theme must support the Elementor plugin .

Installing the Hello Elementor theme

First, go to the Appearance > Themes tab and click the Add New button at the top, then go to the search themes field and type Hello Elementor, click the Install button and then Activate.

After you have installed and activated the Hello theme, the next step is to install and activate the Elementor plugin.

Installing the Elementor Plugin

When installing the Hello Elementor theme, you will need to install the Elementor plugin that will be responsible for creating the layout of this template kit.

Let’s install and activate the Elementor plugin in the most traditional way.

Go to the Plugins tab > Add New and in the search plugins field type Elementor, click the Install Now button and then Activate.

After you have installed and activated the Elementor plugin, the next step is to install and activate the Elementor Pro plugin.

Installing the Elementor Pro Plugin


For this template kit to work correctly, you must use the premium version of the Elementor plugin. If you do not have the premium version of the plugin, you must purchase it through this link. The Elementor plugin is not included in the download of this item.

To install Elementor Pro follow these steps:

Access your account at and download the latest version available.

Then go to your website and visit the Plugins > Add New tab and click the Upload Plugin button located at the top of the screen, click the Choose File button and open the Elementor plugin stored on your device and then click Install Now and wait for it installed, at the end click on Activate Plugin.

Activating the Elementor Pro license

After installing the Elementor Pro plugin, you must activate it.

Go to the Elementor > License tab, then click the Connect & Activate button

You will be taken to the Elementor login page, access your account with your email and password.

To view this image in a larger size, right-click and open the image in a new window.

After entering your Elementor account access credentials, click the Activate button

To view this image in a larger size, right-click and open the image in a new window.

Ready! You have successfully connected your account to your website.

To view this image in a larger size, right-click and open the image in a new window.

Installing the Envato Elements plugin

This plugin will be in charge of installing the layouts of the template kit. It is a free plugin and is found in the wordpress repository

Note for installation

You must use the Envato Elements plugin to import this template kit correctly.


Do not import the layouts of this template kit using the Elementor plugin and do not unzip the file to import. You must import the file in .zip format.

Go to the Plugins > Add New tab, click on the Search Installed Plugins search field and type Envato Elements, click Install Now and then Activate.

Installing the template kits pages

With the Envato Elements plugin installed and activated, go to the Elements > Installed Kits tab and Upload the template kit by clicking on Upload Template Kit ZIP File.

After uploading you will see the kit cover ready to be installed, click on the View Installed Kit button. For everything to work perfectly as it appears in our demo, see that there are some requirements for installing this kit, click the Install Requirements button and check all options, then click Install Above Selected Requirements.

The first item that you must install is the Global Kit Styles, it contains all the layout configuration, it is there that the colors and fonts used in this template kit are stored, click on Import Template to install it. Once installed, you can continue to install the rest of the layouts by clicking Import Template.

After installing all the layouts of this template kit, they will be ready to be viewed in the Templates > Saved Templates tab.

Very well! You have successfully completed the installation step for this template kit😀.

The next step is to create your website pages using the templates you have installed. Then read this article to continue.

If you still have any questions you can contact us via livechat.

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