Questions You Want To Know

Yes. All templates developed in Elementor are compatible with any wordpress theme. Note: If the template you downloaded comes with the woocommerce sections and you want to have the same aesthetics as our templates, you should use the same wordpress theme described in the template that was developed in question. For this see the information described on the page of each template.

No. We only support sites that use Elementor as a page builder.

No. To purchase an Elementor Pro license you can purchase a template from the Bimber Online store to use the Elementor Pro license for 12 months.

No. You will only receive the template (.json format files) for importation into your site.

Yes. Contact us through our chat for a quote.

No. We just updated and created custom pages for Elementor and Woocommerce product support.

Yes. All Bimber Online templates have been created using the widgets of the Elementor Pro version. For this reason when purchasing our support and installation you will have access to the Elementor Pro license to properly use our templates.

Contact us via our email: or via our whatsapp chat and enter your credentials to access your wordpress site: (your website address, login and password) as well as your Bimber registration email Online, and we will do all the setup to get you started with our help desk.

No. Support and installation is for one (1) site only, valid for 12 months. As well as the license of Elementor Pro.

You may be renewing your support annually by purchasing a new Elementor template with support and installation at Bimber Online.