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Having comfortable sneakers is one of the main characteristics you want to find in running shoes, gym shoes or any other physical activity. Your concentration starts at the feet, motivation at this moment and for your goal to be achieved, your tennis needs to have an incredible performance.

But which one to choose among so many available? Everything will depend on your purpose. For crossfit we recommend with 10cm soles of protection and the famous jump fell on the heel an extra boost of momentum is always welcome. For walking and running a long jump is a good size. And for bodybuilding there is no tennis with specific requirements, just be comfortable for you to have a good workout.

But remember, what is comfortable for me may not be for you. So when you go shopping for a shoe remember that it needs to suit you and not you. Usually a good salesperson will give you tips for your ideal shoe. There are stores that even have a gym mat for you to test what will take your purchase to another level of knowledge.

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